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Bots Section

Chapter 1: Bots

Sneaker Bots are software that automatically purchases shoes for you. This can make purchasing limited releases much more possible and even increases your chances at getting multiple pairs. Botting is very competitive and you should not expect to check out multiple shoes on your first time using it. There are a lot of bots out there and finding the right one can be a challenge, but hopefully this guide can help. When buying a bot I do not recommend purchasing the cheapest one you can find, because no matter how good your setup is if the bot is not good you will not be able to cop.


AIO bots are ALL IN ONE bots that support multiple sites such as Shopify, Footsites, and even Mesh sites. Shopify is a company that runs the websites of many online sites such as Kith, DSM, and more. Shopify is always battling bots with a thing called Bot Protection that is meant to stop bots from checking out. Bots such as Kodai, Cyber, and Balko have been dominating as far as checking out limited releases as of late even with Shopify’s Bot Protection. Bot success is always changing and one week one bot could do amazing and the next it could flop but the three mentioned have been very consistent recently. Those bots will come with a price from around 1k - 4k. That is not their retail price but when they do restock copies of their bot, they are sold out within seconds. Don’t worry, not every successful bot comes with such a high price. There are many bots that are much more suited for beginners such as NSB, ANB, and SOLE AIO. These bots are very simple and geared towards allowing people with not a lot of knowledge about sneaker botting to still be able to secure their favorite pairs for retail. Footsites are sites such as Footlocker, Champs, Eastbay, and Footaction. They are another great site to bot but their releases are much harder to bot and more time consuming than Shopify. Mesh sites are typically EU based and are another great site to bot if you fall in that location.

Supreme Bots

Supreme Bots do just what you think they would do, well they are bots for supreme. Well known supreme bots such as F3ather and MEKpreme increase your chances and speed at checking out hyped supreme items. There are many IOS Supreme Bots that are successful too and othersSupreme sellout times are always extremely fast so it is hard to imagine securing one of a product much less multiples but with supreme bots they can make this a reality.

Adidas Bots/Yeezy Supply Bots

These bots support the splash page types of releases that are held by Adidas and Yeezysupply. For these releases you will want bots such as adisplash, latchkey, splashforce, sole aio, and project destroyer. These bots all are relatively on the cheaper side and do very well on these two sites

Footsites Bots

Bots such as whatbot, tks, and phantom are all footsites bots. Whatbot and TKS do well on the traditional footsites which are Footlocker, Footaction, Champs, and Eastbay. Phantom does well on sites such as Finishline and JD sports which are queue based releases. Technically Finish Line and JD are not footsites, but they are often grouped into this catagory.

SNKRS Botting

Nike SNKRS botting is very simple. The two main bots for snkrs is BNB and Ghost. This type of botting is simply entering mass accounts for SNKRS drops. The only downside to this is that on many hyped releases these entries are filtered out but on more lowkey drops SNKRS bots really work well. You must buy nike accounts to use when entering for these releases. I recommend BORO and Dead Lee accounts. Do not skimp out on accounts! If you are getting into snkrs botting buy the highest tier ones you can buy or your entries can be easily filtered!


To run tasks on a bot without being banned you will need to have proxies. Proxies make it look like the web requests your bot is sending are coming from different IP addresses which keeps websites from banning you. There are two types of proxies, Datacenters and Residentials. The difference between these two is all speed.

Datacenters are able to submit requests much faster than Residentails but they are easier and more likely to be banned or throttled by certain site’s bot protection. When a proxy is throttled it is not banned but it is just simply slowed down to the point where they aren’t useful. You Datacenters or DC proxies by the amount so one would pay around 80 bucks for 50 dc proxies that they can use for the month. This is unlike how Residential proxies work where you would pay for a certain gigabyte of usage and when you use the allotted gigabytes of usage your plan is then deactivated. Resis or Residentials are much less likely to be banned but also are much slower proxies. Resis are typically more useful in long releases when bot protection is on such as Yeezy Releases when DC proxies are used on more fast and quick selling drops. 


In order to checkout your favorite shoes as fast as possible you need a server. A server’s goal is to give you faster speed to run your bots on. When setting up a server you want to have your server in the same location that you buy your proxies. If you had a server in Northern VA you would want your DC proxies to be located in Northern VA. That would give you the fastest response times which leads to a higher chance of coping. You can either buy a monthly server from either Notify Servers or 10X servers. These will be perfect for running restocks on and you don’t have to worry about shutting them off. Google Cloud Servers are also a great option to run a server on because they give you a 300 dollar free credit to start with. Amazon Web Services provide servers too and they are faster than GCS but they are more expensive. In order to limit your costs you will want to purchase AWS credits on ebay for 25 bucks or so and that will give you around 150 dollars in free credits.

Link to a setup guide for GCS:


These are a necessary part of buying shoes with a bot and in order to solve these captchas you will need multiple aged gmails. The gmails that work the best for getting one clicks, which are key to checking out faster, are aged gmails. These old gmails can be bought on twitter from many different sellers and they will provide you with the email and pass of the gmail account. To keep these gmail accounts getting one clicks you will need a one click generator which navigate the web for you so you can make it seem as though your gmails are actively being used by people. AYCD and Botbuddy are both good one click generators.

Bot Basics

When you first get a bot there will be a few things that you will need to know.

Monitor Delay: This is the time in which your bot will wait to refresh and search for a product again.

Restock Delay: This is the time in which your bot will wait to refresh and check the stock on an out of stock product to see if any pairs were added.

Keywords: These are words that your bot will search a site for, they are the slowest way for a bot to find a product.

Link: You can insert a product link for the bot to check, and when stock is loaded it will begin to checkout.

Variant: Variant is a set of numbers that pertain to the size and model of a shoe. They are mainly used to run restocks and are a very fast way of finding a shoe.

SKU: The SKU of a shoe is only ran for Adidas and can be found on StockX and it is the set of letters and numbers next to the style section.

Billing Profiles: Here you will put your card info and your address you want your bot you insert when purchasing the pair of shoes you have it set to buy.

Force Captcha: When you know a site is going to have captcha on you will want Force Captcha to be turned on for your tasks. This will submit a captcha to one of your harvesters and you will either get a one click or you will have to manually solve it.

Virtual Credit Cards

These are credit cards that you can make in order to help yourself get multiple pairs of exclusive shoes. Many sites cancel pairs placed on the same credit card and these are easy to make virtual cards that allow you to increase your amount of possible pairs. Privacy Cards is one of the best ones out there and is extremely easy to use. Revolut is another option but it is currently not available in the U.S.


Reshippers - If you aren’t in the EU and you would still like to cop and resell the exclusive releases that happen there, but they don’t ship to your country there are reshippers. Skypax is one of many providers for this service. All you have to do is simply insert the address they give you at checkout. You will also need to use a VCC or Virtual Credit Card because these EU sites will typically decline all US payments.


Bot Conclusion

Getting into botting may sound overwhelming but after a little while you will start to get the hang of it and will begin to touch more and more shoes for their retail price. When just starting off it is recommended to start slow and getting a lower tier bot and when you start getting the hang of that you can always upgrade. Don’t get discouraged if you strike out on a drop because just because you have a bot doesn’t mean every drop is a guarantee. Just keep learning and trying and you will start to hit more pairs for retail.

*when looking for any account providers, proxy providers, or bots in this video I recommend using twitter