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It was not long ago that I used to spend all day mowing lawns for minimum wage. I quickly found out that this was not what I wanted to be doing and began reselling shoes instead. In my years reselling, I had great success using methods that I personally developed over time. I decided that I wanted to use these methods to help others and change as many lives as possible, so I put it all into an ebook. To make sure that the information in this book would truly benefit those that had access to it, I created a chat as a test run and provided the members with the same info seen in the book. After over 150 members joined, the chat has had a 100% success rate with many peoples’ profits soaring to 5 figures. Satisfied with these results, I decided that it is time to release this book and give more individuals the opportunity to create a new life for themselves.

Key Features

Shoes to Target

Teaches you exactly which shoes to look for in order to make the most profit

Quick Start

Methods are simple to learn and can be used on the same day as purchase.

No Bots

No need to spend hours setting up bots just to miss out on a release.